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To do it or not...I dunno.

I've come across the assumption that my LJ holds to much or says to little on some subjects. I've thought about it and in hopes that it would make it better, I've thought about deleteing my LJ account, only to better it for some other people. I don't want to do it and regret it...like I've come to do everything else lately. I want some opinions on this, do YOU  think it's a good idea for me to do this? Please express it honestly, with a simple straight forward yes or no. Either way, I just wanna know if it'd be better for you to not know everything that happens in my life, whether it brings you joy or sadness. I'm doing this for my own good, and for those I care about. Whether I keep my emotions bottled up or express them on here, I'm leaving that up to YOU. For now, I'm just not going to update or put anything else in my LJ...I don't see a need in it right now. Just leave a comment or IM me, which ever way you so choose.

-Bows- Till "next time??"...See ya?

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