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Press it on your tongue, the pain I am suffering.

Hrm. So today was my last full day of school till January 3rd...or something.
I don't have to go to school tomorrow because I am exempt from my classes tomorrow.
I only have to go for an hour on Wednesday to take my English exam...who would have guessed...me, having a 78 in English? HAHA.
Anyhow...it's been like 3 weeks almost since my car wreck...still havnt gotten my car fixed. My dad got the police report, which was totally wrong in many ways...alot of wrong notations...but w/e. My dad contacted the insurance company, yada yada...hopefully I can get my car fixed before Christmas. If not..I'ma cry ._.
So, nothing really else is new.
Christmas isnt going to be the same this year, though.
My sister wont be home for it.
It saddens me.
My first christmas without my sister here.
Seems like things are getting worse as I get older.
I miss being 15, when everything was close to perfect.
Had my sister, had my friends, had a life...
So...yeah...hum. Whatever.
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