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Today was the viewing for my Nana...so peaceful...she rested upon the pillow in the silk gown...mourning eyes pooled before her...tears fell, voices whispered...My memory will haunt me, to the next day something like this happens...I've such a big family, it'd seem like losing someone wouldn't be that bad...I beg to differ.

If I may...I'll quote the newspaper(obituaries):

""-insert last name here- Mrs. Emma Claudia, age 86, a resident of -my home town-, Alabama died Wednesday. June 8, 2005. -Funeral imformation-
-insert last name here- is survived by four daughters and son-in-laws, -my great aunts and uncles names, and my Mawmaw and Poppy- one son and daughter-in-law -names here- ; nineteen grandchildren; thirty-five great grandchildren; and two great great grandchildren. -Her name- was preceded in death by her husband -my great grandpa's name- a daughter -my great aunts name- and a son -my great uncles name-. -The rest finishs out with funeral information-.""

A simple family as such given a description above gathered today in a small funeral home in Wetumpka...we all sat around and talked about what great times my Nana preceived for us. We talked about her highly obsessed ways over Cats and Coffee mugs. She had over 17 cats, and a entire collection of over 2,000 coffee mugs from all over the world. We discussed her many attitude fits and her ways in which she'd argue and laugh with us just to make us smile. Spending time at her house, multiple spend the night parties with me my sister and my 2 cousins, and the "boys across the street", playing kick-ball in her backyard...Big Tom(her favorite cat) asleep on the chair in the living room, that faint fragrance from her multiple perfumes...such memories will be forever remembered as she lays to rest in Interment Christ Cemetery.

""I love you Nana, may you rest in peace. God Bless.""
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