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I'm not sure...

Not sure really why I'm writting in here...though I only got 2 comments on the whole entry before this one, I think those two changed my mind in deleting this. I do have some things I needa get off my chest, thankfully I thought before I decided to put them in here, as to not say anything that would upset anyone...though what I do needa say could upset people in a matter.

As some of you have come to know, I've had a passing in my family. My greatgrandmother, which ya'll know as my Nana. Early Wednesday morning she passed away and I'm sure now she is in a better place. As for those who didn't know, you know now...and the fact that she is gone now, and that I adored her in multiple ways, I'm not much of a talker now...sorta for that reason and a few others which I so choose not to speak of.

Sad news in the heart of my family...no less that 3 weeks ago, my sisters two cats had kittens, 11 in all....Wonderful beautiful little things...I was just informed that at 5:14 on thursday, the 9th of June...the last kitten died. The reason is unknown...but that's 11 cats in less than a week and a half. They were pronounced anemic..but we treated that...so it's a mystery now.

But oh well, alas I will survive. My life aint all that bad, I still got my friends. I :heart: you all. -big hugs-

""Hang in there little buddy, we're almost there. It'll all be over soon.
-talking to icon-""
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