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Eh...more in the life of me...Drama

Okay...so it's offical...me and James are over...though I dunno...I need time to think about everything before I try and do something else with my heart...I'm not sure if what I put in that other entry is all true, but I know his friend wouldn't lie to me about it...but I talked to James today about breaking up and how I feel...I didn't mention anything about his friend telling me I just put out the idea of him having someone else...he denied it and told me he still loved me...though I don't really know now, I just told him to give me some time...I'll recheck with his friend and get the facts...and try to piece it together. I'm not sure what to think right now...I'm confused and my heart hurts really bad...I'm like ugh...I dunno...I'm confused that's all...I thought about giving up on love cause I've screwed up my love life so much...but I know there is nothing but pain to come from that. I'm not sure...all I can do right now is ask support from my friends. I love you all...that's about all my heart feels right now -hugs tight for joo all, kisses multiple cheeks and foreheads- I love ya'll soo much!!!
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