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Well...I was just thinking about this site not too long ago.
Was looking at another site with html codes and whatnot in it...saw it had codes for LJ.
So, decided...I might go look at LJ again.
Logged in.
Figured that an update wouldn't hurt.
We'll see.

Well...for the past few months things have been rocky...what else is new?
Parents are still the same hardasses that they've always been...
Sister is still married to my cousin and living in North Carolina.
School is school.
I'm...not myself.
I've changed.
I have a new life style.
New friends...and some old ones too. :]
New outlook on life.
Alot of new.
Alot of bad too.
Some of the bad things that have happened are...
Well, I've given up on love till I'm outta highschool...maybe past college.
I've lost my bestfriend due to arugments with her New bestfriend.
I've lost touch with alot of other friends, ones that I enjoyed having as friends.
School just isn't school anymore...I don't have the desire to attend school much anymore.
[But I still go, don't worry]
That kinda sums it up.
Umm..some good things.
I've made alot of new friends lately...and mended a few broken friendships.
[Still working on mending others too...just don't know when the right time is]
I've made myself happy with a few physical changes.
I've dyed my hair multiple colors...
I'm getting my lip pierced next weekend.
I'm getting another tattoo, sometime.
I dress how I want now, without caring what other people are going to say.
I express myself freely via loud shouting in public, song writing, and poetry.
I realised that I've wasted almost 17 years of my life doing nothing, so might as well have fun while I waste the next 60.
That reminds me...my birthday is coming up, exactly 3 weeks from today [December 3rd]
Hope that's fun for me...yeah.
Umm...anything else...can't really think of...
So many things...so little memory.

And yeah...I still enjoy photography...more than anything, besides making music.
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