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It's another day.

Today at school...it was the most horrible of things. My Geometry teacher made me CRY! Can you believe it...it was so bad. Here is what went down, since I don't feel like typing it all out, I'm going to copy and paste.

Like, okay, today we took this horrible trig. test and like everyone did bad on it, the highest grade was a 60. And before we went to lunch while he was grading the tests he pointed me out and was talking about how I put decimal answers instead of square roots. So, when we got back form lunch he passed out the tests, then he sat down and was complaining about the grades. He points me out again, using me a example about how poor we've done. He goes over the 2nd problem, he's explaining how it goes and what you need for it, half way through explaining it, he looks up at me and asked me "So, Ms. Pruitt, do you understand what I just said?" I replied with "Not really.." So he was like, well since you don't know how to do this, and you didn't ask me about it, I might just take these tests up and give ya'll the grades you've made and take away retakes! I was like...omg...he looked at a girl in our class, Rachel and asked her "So, Ms. Chapman, do you have anything you'd like to say to Leah?" She looked back at me and was like "Umm, next time just ask him a question." Then he was like, there wont be a next time she just should ask! So I was like "Umm..We-" He cut me off and was like "That's it, she refuses to ask, so pass up the papers!" By that time everyones eyes were on me...my eyes filled with tears...though I fought hard to not just bust out sobbing...that would have been embarrasing. So, he took up the tests and sat at his desk, a few moments before the bell rang he was like "okay, when I call your name come get your test, if the bell rings remain seated until you get your test." He called everyone up and the bell had rang after he got the 4th paper out, I was the last person to be sitting, though my paper was 6th in the stack. He sat there for a second, finally I was like fuck it, so I stood up and grabbed my books and was about to walk out, when he said "Ms. Pruitt, we seem to have a communication problem between us, sit down and let's talk about it." So...I sat down, threw my books on the floor...my cheeks were wet already of course, cause I had the feeling I was about to get lectured. He sat at his desk, casually speaking and went on and on about how I'm not outspoken in class. I told him and explained to him that I was brought up to keep my mouth shut, or else i'd get in trouble and I was taught to deal with things on my own, not ask people for help. My parents were never there for me to ask them for help, and if I did they never gave me any. So, he was like "I understand that, but still Ms. Pruitt you need to be more open. I can understand that the way you've been brought up is going to stand in the way of how you act out in class, but you have got to be more open to me, you've got to ask questions if you need to know something."
The conversation went on for about like...30 minutes (all the while, I'm suppose to be in band class...) I'm sitting in my desk sobbing and he's talking to me, finally...I calm down and he's finishes talking to me. I felt like dirt cause he got mad at me and got EVERYONE else in my class mad at me for not speaking my mind, when USUALLY when someone speaks their mind they get in trouble for it. Oh well...come Monday I'm going to start yelling at him if he yells at me.

Other than that I got to stay after school today to attend a wrestling class match. They didn't wrestle another school, just each other to see who gets first string when actual matches come. It was cool. A few of my friends are on the wrestling team, such as Nick, Seth, Gilbert, Drew, Carl, and Benjamin. They're all really good, specially Seth, he's awesome. He's a itty bitty little buy though, an 8th grader. He's in the 90lb weight class. But he's awesome, he can kick some ass! Lol.

When I got home, worked some things out for my brithday party. Not much else has gone on...just normal stuff. Tomorrow though, I might not be on that much cause like I'm suppose to be going to my grandma's to help cook for Thursday. It's a shame, so much food, some of it needs to be cooked a day early. Lol.

Havn't really talked to anyone today...no one's really been on. Though, had an unexpected surprise sign on by a friend. It was great to hear from him. He said he'd start getting on more often to see how things are, I'm really happy for that. It's a highlight of my day, since it's been so bleh. ^^ Well, that's about all...

Till next time -bows-...See ya!
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